Kalamazoo River Valley Trailway  LbNA # 26899

Placed DateNov 5 2006
LocationKalamazoo, MI
Found By Javertdog
Last Found Dec 28 2013
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The Kalamazoo River Valley Trailway is a work in progress. It is a proposed 30 mile multi-purpose trailway between Kalamazoo & Battle Creek. New signage shows the trail is proposed to extend all the way across the state - "from lake to lake."
The Kal-Haven Trail was originally a railroad linking Kalamazoo & South Haven. The railbed has been converted to a multi-purpose trail with a limestone/slag surface. The KRVT is paved.

Clues begin at the trailhead of the Kal-Haven Trail in Kalamazoo. From M-43 (West Main), go North on 10th St. Signs direct you to Kal-Haven Trail and parking on the West side of 10th St. Easy clues, easy walk, approximately .6 mile, 30-40 minutes round trip. Both trails are wide, easy, beautiful walks if you wish to continue.

From the parking lot for the Kal-Haven Trail, head east on the paved trail. CROSS carefully. Watch out for Cupid! Walk DOWN - Walk THROUGH - Walk UP. On the left is a sign not meant for you. Take 50 paces (not steps). Look to the left, see a big rock and some fallen trees piled up as if hiding a letterbox. They are!! If you come to a man-made square stone, you've gone too far.
9-4-09 - The 'box had been moved, but placed pretty well so I put it back there with a new log book.
Make your way to the stone, then 5 or 6 steps toward the man-mades. A couple of downed trees, some bark, sticks and leaves hide the box.

7-3-14 - New container, fresh baggies. Log book is a bit damp but I let it flutter in the breeze as I looked at all the stamps so I think it will be ok. The stamp is a bit worse for wear but so cute I didn't replace it. :)