Waller Park Series  LbNA # 26408 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 15 2006
CountySanta Barbara
LocationSanta Maria, CA
Found By Nipomo Boys
Last Found Jan 31 2009
Hike Distance?

Waller Park Series
1. Waller Park is in Orcutt, the unincorporated area outside of Santa Maria in Santa Barbara County. The park is located off of Broadway/Orcutt expressway.

BOX #1- A Treat for the Dog
2. Enter the main gate and pass by the playground on the left. Keep going. You will pass by a short flagpole and pony rides on your right. Turn right at the second street after Happy Trails. Park in the parking lot.

3. Now go back towards the main road. You should come to a stop sign. Turn right, passing by the bathrooms. Before you reach to the playground turn left up the paved road. When you reach the next stop sign facing you, which is near the exit/one way sign, turn right. [Note, you can only go this way if you are walking.]

4. Go around the bend. You should see the dog park. Follow the road until you reach the area with big rocks and small pine trees. Pass rock number one and then a “large dog” entrance. Continue forward until you reach the 11th rock. When you come to the 11th rock it will have a square carving on its center. STOP! Look for the smaller rock in the same area. This smaller rock is no normal rock. Look under the rock. What do you find? The 13th rock is engraved “Friends of Waller Park”. If you see this rock, you have gone too far !!! Go back and find rock number 11.

BOX #2 – Red Dragon’s Cave
5. “For Fun” walk across the street to Chuck and his dog Gigi. From where Chuck is “sitting” turn your back to the dog park. Walk towards the cement pad for disc golf number 16 located near a brown picnic bench. From the cement pad take approximately 120 paces towards the skate park. Do you see the yellow contraption with the number 16? Walk across the street. Go to the tree to the right by the power pole. Watch out for the dragon who is sleeping in his cave, nestled in the heart of the tree.

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