Dillon Dam  LbNA # 26276 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 10 2006
LocationZanesville, OH
Planted Byhungry crocs    
Found By Ol Tukai
Last Found Apr 5 2009
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Dillon Dam

Impetus for the Dillon Dam came following the flood of 1938, when half the residents of Zanesville were left homeless, and 150 houses were washed away. The Flood Control Act of 1938 authorized the construction of Dillon Dam. However, work did not begin until 1946 and shortly thereafter was postponed due to insufficient funds. Work resumed in 1950, but was suspended again due to the outbreak of the Korean War. Finally, construction of the dam began in June 1958 and the project was completed in September 1961. The total cost to complete the Dillon project came to almost $30 million. It has been estimated that by the turn of the century, nearly ten times the cost of construction was prevented in downstream flood damage.

[As of 10-12-06 construction has begun to tear down and replace the dam bridge. This project may be of additional interest.]


Dillon Lake lies along Rt. 146. Look for the sign that says “Dillon Dam.” Turn here. Soon you will approach the Visitor Center, which is open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday (this is well-worth a quick visit). Park here.

Clues to the letterbox:

Walk across the lawn of the visitor center toward the dam. Find the octagon. Stand in the center. Take a bearing of 150°. Go to where the concrete path turns. Go to the first wood post without a rail. Including this first, count 53 posts. Now take a bearing of 240°. Proceed to the trench. Follow the trench right to the edge of the forest. Take a bearing of 330°. Proceed to the big tree. Behind the big tree, and in front of the skinny tree, is what you are looking for. Remove sticks and leaves, and look in the hole.

(When leaving the forest, beware of briars.)