Summer at Waywayanda  LbNA # 26217

Placed DateAug 19 2006
LocationHewitt, NJ
Planted Byladybird99    
Found By the cross-tie walker
Last Found Apr 17 2014
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Summer at Waywayanda

Placed by: Ladybird99
Placement date:8/19/06
State: New Jersey
County: Passaic
Nearest City: Hewitt
Difficulty: Easy
Number of Boxes:1
Time of hike: About 30-45 min.
Needs: Hiking boots, a compass, a trail map available from the park office as you enter.

Clues: About the Waywayanda State Park
From May 31 thru Labor Day, expect to pay $10 on weekends to enter the park. This fee may vary year to year and is cheaper during the week. A quick thing to note is that there is hunting in the park in late Fall and early winter, except for Sunday’s when it is not allowed.

In the 1950’s there were lake houses along the edge of water of Waywayanda Lake. Incorporated into the park the houses were torn down but there are still remnants to be seen. We will pass by several of these sites. Be aware that these were once used as a teen hangout so be careful of broken glass in the area. The majority of the trail stays close to the lake.

After entering Waywayanda, park by the boat dock area. Follow the trail that leads around the lake to the left. You will come across a stone dam on your right. Follow the path that leads to the right.

You are now at the beginning of the Wingdam trail (3 trail markers are present in front of you). We will take a bike trail that stays near to the lake. This trail is not clearly marked but stays close to the lake.

Start up the Wingdam trail for about 20 paces and note the first trail marker on the right, with a blue splash of paint above the marker. 10 feet further there is the beginning of an unmarked biker trail heading West which then climbs parallel to the Wingdam trail and then again heads West. Take this trail

. After a short while the path appears to fork. Stay on the path heading about 320 degrees. The trail will start to bend to the left downward toward the lake. Continue toward the lake where you will come to another pathway marked with a “Caution tape” around a 2’ diameter tree. Head left along this path on an approx. 240 degree heading. As the trail winds around the lake look for a clump of about 10 birch trees on the left of the path.

Shortly after this you will pass through a small canopy of Rhodendrons. Just after this canopy there will be a 2” pipe crossing the path and to the left you will see the remnants of a chimney. Standing on the pipe, site a large stump at 130 degrees about 20 paces away just before a large rock face.

Go to the stump and with the hollow opening facing you site 155 degrees and walk 15 paces and stand between 2 trees about 2 feet apart. Facing 37 degrees, about 4 feet away behind a hemlock find a pile of stones. Beneath these stones is what you seek.

Return to the path and head left along the lake. You will pass several other remnants. You will come to a spot where the way isn’t clear. There should be a clump of 4 one foot wide trees growing together on your left and another clump of trees directly in front of you with rocks around it. Take the trail to the right at a heading of about 200 degrees. This path will wind its way south until it tees up with the Wingdam trail again. You can head left to return to your car at this point. If you head right you will see a bridge over another sluiceway and two benches, one on each side. From here you can find trailblzr’s Waywayanda Letterboxing series box #1. See

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