House Hunting  LbNA # 26153

Placed DateOct 7 2006
Location???, CT
Found By ???
Last Found Mar 21 2010
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 19 2015

This box is part of the National Mystery Box Planting Day.

Dirk Pitt was looking for a summer cottage in CT, somewhere near the water. He read About one in a Legendary Connecticut website that sounded just perfect for him. So he decided to take a look for Himself. After parking his car, he got his gear and headed down the wide path to the water. He checked Out the house, and found some structural damage. It had a lovely Piano, but still… He was walking back to his car, and was intrigued by all the stone walls. After passing through 2 stone walls, the path turned sharply left, with stone walls lining both sides. He continued on the path until the broken-down wall Ended on his right, and turned right to Explore the 3-sided stone pen. He went through the opening in the back, and turned right again. He followed the wall 5 paces, and found a small cairn. He put Down his gear here to examine 2 small stones and a larger stone in the wall. After looking around for a while, he headed back to his car. But he left his gear behind. Who knows, Maybe it’s still there.