Land Ahead!!  LbNA # 26130

Placed DateOct 6 2006
LocationFort Worth, TX
Found By cocktail craig
Last Found Mar 1 2007
Hike Distance?

This stamp represents our first vacation together. Debbie and I took our first canoe trip down a relaxing 2 and a half mile stretch of the river. What we didn’t know was our canoe trip was about to take a hilarious turn! At about the halfway point of the trip, we were enjoying our calm, serene ride. Little did we know a huge underwater rock had been following us, waiting for the most inopportune time to strike! As we passed a local fisherman, we heard an awful noise as our canoe comes to a scraping halt on a rock! The fisherman smiled at us as I did what any respectable canoer would do. I utilized the ever-effective violent pelvic thrusts technique, which generated enough energy to power a small village! Debbie was a big help by the way with her uncontrollable laughter! Using the paddle as a shoving device, combined with what can only be described as dry humping a canoe, we were able to free ourselves and enjoy the rest of the trip! The fisherman was greatly entertained.

Location: Arcadia Park, Fort Worth, North of Basswood Blvd.

Enter the park from Arcadia Park Trail. The entrance to the park is on the left side of the road. Park by the playground and locate the concrete path that leads almost due South. Follow the path until it comes to a “T”. Go Right. It will come to another “T”. Go right again. The path will lead to a 3rd “T”. Go right and begin counting off single step paces. Go 80 paces for a 5’6” person until you see a dirt path to your left. Follow the dirt path until you intersect another concrete path. Go left on the concrete path. Look for another dirt path on your left shortly after turning, and about 20 feet before the bridge ahead. Now follow that dirt path 80 paces. It will take you into the woods, past an old rotted tree, then turns to the left. You will soon reach an opening of the woods. When you get to this open spot, look for a small path ahead on the right. Take that path 20 steps. Just before the path turns to the left, 20 steps in, look to your right. You should see a multi-trunked, half dead tree about 8 steps to the right. The box is located on the backside of this tree, on top of the decayed trunk and covered with sticks.

I hope you enjoy this box as it is my first hide, and the origin of it is important to me. Please enjoy the stamp and re-hide well!