Friend and Foe  LbNA # 26109 (ARCHIVED)

Ownerthe B's    
Placed DateOct 1 2006
Location???, OH
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 7 2006
Hike Distance?

Clues: Easy, once you know where the box is located

Terrain: Easy, except for the last bit where the box is located: will require sturdy shoes, especially if it has recently rained, and steady balance.

This box was planted as part of the National Mystery Box Planting Day.

He was a man of many talents: physician, politician, and amateur horticulturalist. Of all his passions, it was the latter for which he is known to this day. His careful propagation of seedlings from across the ocean led him to develop a beautiful new strain of a well-known species. He ensured its place in history by placing a specimen in the buttonhole of a good friend and political opponent prior to each of their political debates. He lost, and his friend won; eventually his friend rose to the highest office in the land. His friend always wore a replica of that first specimen in his buttonhole, as his friend believed its presence there brought him luck. He may have been correct. One fateful day, while greeting a line of people, his friend removed his boutonniere and presented it to an admirer. The next person in line killed him.

The nickname of the city where the physician lived and practiced reflects its role in this particular piece of history. A historical marker celebrating the achievement has been placed there and a week-long festival of celebration is held every August.

Go to the city park where the festival is held. You will know you are in the right place if you see the famous symbol painted on the pavement at the entrance to the park. Travel to the Rustic Shelter, and park in front of it. Look to your left. Two paths lead up to the next level, one easy, one not. Choose the more difficult one. From the edge of the blacktop, walk 25 steps up that path. To your left is a large tree with a huge hole in the trunk about 15 feet up. Look in the roots directly below that hole, under a few pieces of bark.

This box is dedicated to our Aunt Paula, who lives in the town where it is planted. She is currently battling cancer, though at the moment it appears to be in remission. She is quite excited about this box and can’t wait until it gets visitors.

While you’re stamping in, it would be great if you could leave a note in the logbook to our aunt. Please send an e-mail to when you’re finished, so we can let her know to go check on it. As always, please make sure to rehide carefully as this trail and park get heavy recreational use, especially during the festival. Thanks!