under log  LbNA # 25985

Placed DateSep 30 2006
LocationEdmond, OK
Found By queendeen
Last Found Nov 1 2009
Hike Distance?

My 5 year old picked out the Letterbox name. He also picked out the stamp in our Letterbox. I hope you find your journey to our box as eventful as we did. On our journey we saw a lot of wildlife. We crossed paths with several geese, squirrels, a rabbit, a skunk (at least we smelled one somewhere), and a lizard.

You will first need to travel to Hafer Park in Edmond, OK. This park is just south of 2nd Street off of Bryant. Traveling south on Bryant past second street you will see a sign on the East for Hafer Park. After you turn east off of Bryant you will make your first right, which is south. Follow the road around to most southern part of the park. Across from the playground is a pavilion and duck pond. You will also see a paved trail that leads south of the pond past a rock climbing wall with a mural on it. Follow that trail. The trail is approximately a mile and a half long. You will see mile markers along the path.

Follow the trail around past the 3/4 mile marker (the 3 on the 3/4 marker is missing). Shortly after you see this marker you will come up on a white pole in the middle of the road. Once you see the white pole you will see a sign and a post on your left that has trash bags to pick up dog poo. You will see a clearing on the left past these two poles. You will see a dirt path in the clearing. From the paved road you will take approximately 70 paces/steps down the dirt path. Somewhere around you 70th step you will see a much smaller trail that leads to the left (if for some reason you miss this path and reach the bathrooms you have gone too far). Once you find the smaller path to your left you will go on the path about 105 paces/steps until you come to a small Y in the road. When you reach this spot you are almost there (you can see the hiding spot from here). The Y in road has two paths... a smaller path on the left (which actually is more straight than left) that is barely visible with leaves and brush overgrown on to the path. The path on right side of the Y is much wider and easier to spot. You want to take 10 paces/step on the smaller path that is on the left. After you have taken these 10 steps you should see three skinny trees close together on your left. I have conveniently placed a log between these skinny trees. As my 5 year old says "Under Log" you will see the Letter box.

Please sign our book. When you’re done, please reseal the baggie that has our book (to keep moisture etc. out).

Please email me and let me know how you liked the adventure and let me know how our box/book is holding up.

When your done you can go back to the paved path and follow it the rest of the way around to see the rest of the wildlife... it will lead you back to the park where your car is. On the way back you will come across a couple of water fountains if you are thirsty.