Adirondack Series, Letter I  LbNA # 25982 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 5 2006
Location????, NY
Found By T-N-T
Last Found Apr 10 2009
Hike Distance?

This box is part of the Adirondack Letter Series.

To find the letter “I” :

I is for “Irishtown” where my favorite little lake is. As kids, we spent countless summer days at this lake swimming, picnicing, canoeing and fishing. In the winters we would ice fish and ice skate (well, I never did manage to perfect ice skating, so I mainly fell down). Snowshoeing is great on a local trail, too. It is open year round, though the letterbox might be difficult to find in the winter, depending on how much snow cover there is. Bring your picnic basket, fishing poles, canoes or your showshoes, your tip-ups or ice skates and make it a day!

To find this lake you first must determine which little Adirondack town was first called Dominick and then later, on St. Patrick’s Day in 1817 was given it’s current name—named for the Greek Goddess of wisdom (and arts and crafts). Athena is her Greek name, this town is named after her Roman name, but part of what’s affectionately called “Irishtown”.

Once you have the name of the town, you also have the name of the lake where this box is hidden, on Town Shed Road about .5 miles off the Roosevelt-Marcy Byway (Rte. 28N)

Once at the lake find the sign telling you about Francis Donnelly who first became Town Supervisor in 1934. You might be able to hear music here in this white structure when there is a band playing—hopefully you’d be lucky enough to hear Dan Berggren or Dan Duggan play a little of the music of the Adirondacks.

Around the back side of the structure you’ll find a set of steps. Sit on the steps and reach behind the small rock to your left, where you’ll find this box. Don’t let those trying to be the next Billie Jean King or Arthur Ashe see what you are doing.

The stamp is a bit crude, please be kind, but something you’ll see a lot of at my favorite lake.

Please rehide carefully and do enjoy your day!