Breaking Hearts at Break Heart  LbNA # 2579 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 1 1999
LocationExeter, RI
Found By WWW
Last Found Jan 1 2009
Hike Distance?

POSTED: Jan-1999

CLUES: This "Box" is located in Arcadia State Forest in Exeter RI. Please note the "mandatory use of florescent orange is required by all users of this State Park from Oct to Feb."

Enter the forest via Frosty Hollow Road, at Camp E-HUN-TEE entrance located on Rt. 165. Follow this dirt road 3/4 mile. On the right there will be a small pond with a parking area.

At the end of the dock take a bearing of 10 degrees to locate the BATON and follow this trail a short distance, take the trail at 70 degrees.

The first junction is marked with a fence at 340 degrees, Shimmy through. Cross the seasonal brook 1, 2, 3 times before reaching the river. At the river head North. Eventually you will see and old stairway at 300 degrees. Keep on the white.

After emerging from your laurels you will see another fence. Notice what lies ahead at 30 degrees and go to it. Take a short break and have a seat on the top, at the far right. Here you should have a line of sight to a bird house (may need binoculars) at 75 degrees and the launch site at 0 degrees. From this vantage point locate the trail head which is at a bearing of 175 degrees. Follow up on this new color. Keep a watch for the trail at 190 degrees down the hill. At the bottom take the trail at 80 degrees.

Following this trail look for the TRIPP stump at the junction of the forest roads. Here you will see the dead tree standing at 20 degrees, head at 330 degrees.

Now heading in a northern direction your new goal is to locate the sign marking the Breakheart Trail on the right, follow this trail at a 90 degree heading. Before your crossing take a note of the fall at 185 degrees.

Yet another long walk lies ahead before you reach the T-intersection at which point you will want the trail which will have you at 300 degrees. After the second crossing head at 280 degrees which leads you to a small clearing at which you will find your last path to follow. At the edge of this clearing locate the tree of three to find the trail at 340 degrees.

After entering into the woods on your last leg of your trek you should notice parallel rock walls running north-south on the west side of the trail. Walking North between them start the search for the Old Man of the woods. Find the spot where the breaks are at 320 degrees and 30 degrees. Look ahead at 345 degrees for your "V"ictory tree. In the wall your victory will be rewarded. Congratulations.