Detour  LbNA # 25652

Placed DateSep 17 2006
CountyVan Buren
LocationKendall, MI
Found By SunDawg
Last Found May 31 2014
Hike Distance?

While making a business trip from The Windy City to The Motor City, a young upwardly mobile salesman named Fip (an aggressive driver by nature) grew weary of tailgating other motorists along the construction zones on I-94. Considering himself a quick thinker, Fip decided country roads would be faster than construction clogged I-94, so Fip headed North off of I-94 at exit 60. He drove through a town so nice it was named twice, and continued past a major intersection with a car pool lot. Fip found himself in a town with a name sounding like a cheer for his favorite NBA team. At the main 4 corners of this town, he continued his trek East. It wasn't that far on this road named D AVE, (CR388), before Fip felt lost in the rural countryside. His cell phone got no signal. Oh no! Just as Fip was beginning to appreciate the beauty of the rural landscape around him, Fip came upon a small community with a small park on the South side of the road. He decided to stop in the park to stretch his bones, consume his lunch ( a power bar and a Red Bull), and get his bearings. As he wandered around the small park in the small community, he noticed two trees in the NorthWest corner of the park. In the bush beside the tree that is not a pine tree he found a treasure which would be meaningless to his corporate acquaintances. Fip felt like his spirit had been rekindled as he continued East on a road named DAve to the US 131 interchange. From there he continued wheeling & dealing, content in the hustle & bustle of city life. But he would never forget his Detour through rural SW Michigan.

12/24/06 Update. Well, construction was completed on I-94 and the tree that was not a pine tree was cut down. The original letterbox was lost but Fip's journey is still commemorated with a letterbox in the area.
You could walk from the park or drive about .2 mile South on the side road to the Kal-Haven Trail. (This box is not too far in so I don't think you'd have to have a trail pass...) TRAIL PASS NO LONGER REQUIRED! (1-6-2011) Head East on the trail to mile marker 24. Continue on 100 PACES (not steps). There is a pile of logs on the left. There you will find Detour letterbox.

10/19/08 Update...Well, that pile of logs has disintegrated and the box was missing. Fip could use a nice walk in the woods after his long drive...about 30 mins. 'round trip. Marker #24 is now about half way. Keep walking until the next sign 'Stop Ahead'. Whoops! Too far. Go back 60 PACES, (count one foot or the other) Look left into the woods. Make a beeline to the sign that says, "You are leaving State Land". Approx. 8 STEPS to the right see a young triple trunker. Fip's treasure is at its base.
Please be sure to cover it completely after stamping.