Steinbeck Country Stamp #1  LbNA # 25615 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 16 2006
LocationMarina, CA
Planted Bymtnbikemanns    
Found By Azroadie
Last Found Jun 20 2007
Hike Distance?

Steinbeck Country Stamp #1

From Marina take Reservation Road east towards Salinas. After crossing Imjin Parkway, continue on Reservation Road to a right-hand pull-out which is the East Garrison Access gate and park there. Go through the opening in the fence near the large concrete block and head 110 degrees down the road for approximately one mile. The road will make a slight turn to the right and you will end up going on a heading of 205 degrees. After you pass a Eucalyptus tree on the left, at the next corner, take the trail to the left that leads you toward a rock wall. Stay on that trail past the graveyard to the corner of Watkins Gate Road and Barloy Canyon Road. Go uphill to on the left on Barloy Canyon Road southwesterly about 300 yards to a yellow metal gate on the left side of the road. Go around the left side of the gate and down Crescent Bluff Road (staying left) until you come to a Land Survey Sign on the right with a trail marker sign reading 64/25. Directly across from that sign, take the trail north of Crescent Bluff Road. (Looking at the sign, the trail will be directly behind you.) You will know you are there if you see 1 gravel on the road. Follow that trail approximately one-half mile along the bluff until you come to a fork; Go about 75 feet on the left fork. There will be a small pine tree approximately 5 feet tall. Enjoy the view of Steinbeck Country from the bench. From the pine tree with your back to Steinbeck Country, go about 80 feet at 218 degrees to a small group of bushes and look under the two rocks.

Please be discreet because not only is this Steinbeck Country, it is Mountain Bike Country too. Beware of Mountain Bikers!