Tanner's Chase  LbNA # 25606 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 16 2006
LocationSuccasunna, NJ
Found By Phoenix Rizing
Last Found Jan 5 2008
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Tanner's Chase

Tanner's Chase is located at Kennedy Elementary School on Pleasant Hill Road. It is intended for families of the school and for the Girl Scout Troops who are working on their outdoor "try-its". This search is very easy and should take about a 1/2 hour or less. It is the perfect letterboxing search for beginners.

1) Start in the front of the school. 2) Look for the stepping stones. 3) Now face the building and turn to the right. 4)Follow the blacktop path. 5) Take the path as it goes uphill to the left towards the side of the school. 6) Take the blacktop path to the left when you can no longer go straight. 7) Look for Farmer McGregor's Garden---Peter Rabbit is there too!!!! Look but please don't touch!!!!! 8) Follow the path of stepping stones to your right. 9) When you are done with the pathe turn left and walk 15 steps---then turn left again and walk 88 steps. 10) Turn left once again and look for the map of the United States. 11) Find New Jersey and stand on it---make sure you are facing the 2 basketball hoops. 12) Now take 60 steps forward, now turn right and take 13 steps. 13) Turn left and take 19 steps toward the small clearing. 14) Tanner's chase letterbox is right in front of your feet----just look down!!!! YOU FOUND IT!!!!!!!

I hope you have had fun on this letterboxing search and enjoyed all the special "landmarks" of Kennedy School!!!