Safari at Falls Lake  LbNA # 25518

Placed DateSep 10 2006
LocationRaleigh, NC
Found By JN
Last Found Jan 14 2017
Hike Distance?


Three letterboxes are hidden along this gently sloped 2 mile hike along a well marked trail located in the Shinleaf Recreational Area adjacent to Falls Lake. The starting point of the hike can be accessed by traveling north on Six Forks Road, crossing Highway 98 and continuing north on New Light Road for 0.9 miles. The trail head is located on the right side of the road (east side) on a downhill curve 0.2 miles from the entrance to the Shinleaf Park. If you arrive at the intersection of Ghoston Road on the left and a concrete bridge just north of that intersection, you have gone too far.


• Hike along the trail marked with white painted circles up and over gentle slopes for approximately 150 paces (average stride length of an adult) until you reach an old excavated roadway..
• Continue hiking for 250 paces until you reach a fiberglass trail marker
• Hike an additional 130 paces to an area where the trail slopes downhill for an extended length and then makes a sharp left turn at a steeply banked gully.
• Upstream from the sharp turn, you will notice a large diameter gray colored smooth barked tree that looks like the leg of an elephant.
• The letterbox is hidden on the opposite side and at the base of the “elephant’s leg”


• From the sharp left turn, continue hiking along the trail 140 paces to a small wooden bridge
• Hike an additional 100 paces and notice on the left side of the trail an outcropping of rocks that appear to form small “caves”
• The letterbox is located in the left corner of the entrance to the largest “cave”.


• From the point on the trail adjacent to the caves, hike 150 paces over gentle slopes until you reach a wooden picket fence
• Turn 90 degrees clockwise from the fence and notice a small old cemetery surrounded by a wrought iron fence.
• Locate the pine tree that has grown at and has surrounded the gate of the iron fence.
• Locate the grave marker of Valera Hunter Norwood on the left side of the family burial area and visualize a line drawn from the pine tree to the grave stone and heading into the woods.
• The letterbox is nestled in the base of an fallen decaying tree approximately 15 paces from the iron fence immediately behind the grave marker.