Emig Park  LbNA # 25480 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 10 2006
LocationHallam, PA
Found By The GMonies
Last Found Dec 29 2006
Hike Distance?

Directions to Emig Park in Hallam:
As of March 15th 2007....this box is missing....sorry! We will consider finding a better place for it at Emig park.

Rt. 30 to Hallam Exit
Go towards the town of Hallam. At the light take a left onto 462, heading East. Make a right onto Friendship Ave, then a right onto E. Beaver Street,make a right onto Buttonwood Rd and then an immediate, quick left into the parking lot and entrance to Clayton Ely Emig Park.
Park in the parking lot and head to the right, down the hill passing the pavillion on your left. You will pass a wooden bridge on your right and a playground. Follow the stream and head toward the woods. Pass another wooden bridge and the stream will open up into Kreutz Creek, curve left with the path.
Stay on the stone path, it will eventually turn into a dirt path, you will pass 2 silver benches. The path will curve to the right around a huge fallen tree. Follow around the tree and pass a great swimming hole on your right if it is a warm day, bring your suit. When you see the Maple Arch, make a left onto a smaller path, then come to a Y and stay left. You will then come to a T, make a right onto a wide path.
At the manhole cover, take a left. Come to a Y and go to the right. Next come to another T and make a left. Aways down on your left you will find a fallen tree wrapped in snakes, under the tree you will find what you seek.
To exit-make a left at the next path and follow down hill to the silver bench. Make a right onto the trail and head back out the way you came in.
This is a very easy hike, easy terrain and probably a 10 to 15 minute hike.
This is our first box, hope you enjoy it. Please contact us with any comments or problems.
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