Kelly's Birthday Letterbox  LbNA # 25254 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerClan MacDonald    
Placed DateAug 29 2006
Location??????, OH
Found By shepherd of the hill
Last Found Sep 8 2006
Hike Distance?

PLEASE NOTE!!! This box was declared "MIA" in September of 2007. We will attempt to replant as soon as possible!
--Clan MacDonald

This box was originally placed in honor of Kelly's birthday in 2006--but we hope you enjoy the journey as well!

Kelly’s birthday is on the 241st day of the year (242nd in Leap Years). You will need to know this date in order to complete this challenge!

The County was named for “Mad Anthony,” a Revolutionary War general whose treaty of Greenville gave most of Ohio to the United States in 1795. The park you want is in the county seat, the home of Rubbermaid. In this city is a college. On the campus of the college is a theatre, home of the Ohio Light Opera. In this city is a park by the same name. That’s the park you want. Drive there and park in the main parking lot.

Find a sign for the “Iris Saunders Preschool” Stand next to this sign and take a compass bearing due North. Sadly, on Kelly’s birthday in 1989, English explorer Peter Scott died. Find out how old he was when he died, and take that many paces to your next destination. (Paces were originally counted out by a man with a rather long stride)

This shelter is called “The Birthday House.” While that would have been a good place for a birthday letterbox, it’s too out in the open. Plus, you’ll have to work harder than this to find the box! Standing at the South East corner of the shelter, take a compass bearing of 130 degrees. On Kelly’s birthday in 1965, two astronauts splashed down in the Atlantic. They were in the Gemini ___ vehicle. Take the number of which Gemini mission that was and multiply it by itself. Take that number of paces.

At the dogwood tree, you should be able to see a road that runs in a roughly east-west direction. Go East (downhill) towards two forks in the road. At the first fork, take the path that is at 10 degrees, and you will very shortly come to the second fork. At this fork, take the path that is the same number of degrees as the Gemini mission previously mentioned times 9. Walk along this path until you see a blue swing set on your left.

Go to the North end of the swing set and take a bearing of 48 degrees. John Cage’s 4’33’’ (an instrumental piece consisting of 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence) premiered in Woodstock, New York on Kelly’s birthday. Find out what year, then add the four digits of that year together. Go that number of paces until you come to a gravel path. Take this path, crossing a small bridge. Stop on the other side of the bridge. Kelly’s birthday also marks the anniversary of the birth of Elliot Gould (who played Jack Gellar in Kelly’s favorite 1990’s sitcom, “Friends”) Find out the last two digits of the year Elliot Gould was born, and walk that many paces up this trail.

Shortly, you will come to a place where the trail bends slightly to the South. Stop at this bend. Ingrid Bergman (Swedish-born actress who starred in Casablanca) was both born and died on Kelly’s birthday. If you know how old she was when she died, you’ll know how many paces to walk down this south-leading path. As you walk, you will notice a pond to your right, a place that might have been well-liked by John the Baptist, had he not been be-headed about 2,000 years ago--the Church commemorates that occasion on Kelly’s birthday, too.

Once you’ve completed the required number of paces, you should have exited and then re-entered the woods. Take a look around you. To the right should be a “Disc Golf” goal (a pole with many chains hanging from it). From this goal, walk South down the trail. You’ll want to go the same number of paces as there are days remaining in the year on Kelly’s birthday. At this point you should see a Disc Golf sign (number 7) to your right. The main trail here continues in a South West direction, but you want to go straight, continuing South. Find out the year that English philosopher John Locke was born on Kelly’s birthday. What century was that? Take that number of paces until the gravel path comes to an end.

From here, take a bearing due west, and you should see another trail. Michael Jackson was born on Kelly’s birthday. How old was he in 1966? Take that number of paces up this trail.

You should now be beside another Disc Golf goal. Take a 270 degree bearing. Now, find out what year the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company was founded (on Kelly’s birthday, of course!). Add the digits together to get the number of paces you should walk up this trail. This should lead you to a small white pipe sticking up out of the ground. At a bearing of 250 degrees at about 2 paces you should find a 3-trunked maple tree. The thing you seek is behind this tree. Don’t forget to re-hide the box well, and don’t forget to make a wish!