AES  LbNA # 25228 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 2 2006
LocationApalachin, NY
Found By Banjoman
Last Found Jul 5 2009
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is located near an elementary school so I would encourage that looking for it be done after school hours or on the weekends! They have a great playground and large pavilion that would be nice to have a picnic at on the weekends. It was fairly muddy when I went so you might want to wear boots, depending on the weather. Start by parking in a parking lot closet to the basketball court.

• Start walking on the paved path between the playground and pavilion (some of these swings were around when I was).
• Soon you will come to a Y in the pavement, go right into the woods for about 55 steps.
• You will see an unpaved path on your right, take this.
• You will see a red metal pole on your left and soon will come to a fairly steep rocky path.
• You will come to another small Y in the trail, go right.
• A short distance away is another Y in the trail this time go left.
• You will then cross a small stream that may be dried up but wasn’t when I planted, continue on the path.
• The trail comes to yet another Y and you want to go left, following the trail as it curves right.
• You will then start to hear the sound of water, veer left at a small Y and follow the path to the end of a bank for a great view of the Apalachin Creek. Turn around and from that point walk 15 steps back on the trail and you will see a hollowed out vertical trunk to the right with a downed log in front of it. Here lies the AES letterbox buried under rocks and bark!

When walking back on the path, after you cross the small stream, you can veer left and that path will take you back to the school, by the basketball courts.