Owl's Nest  LbNA # 2515 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 7 2001
LocationEastfork, OH
Found By Sirius Star Gazer
Last Found Sep 27 2006
Hike Distance?

25 miles east of Cincinnati, OH
Difficulty: Hill to climb (20 degree inclination) for a short distance. (grassy trail )
rated: sneakers
Wm. H. Harsha Dam & Lake (Eastfork)

Driving directions:
From I-275 exit Rt. 125 east for 10 miles until you come to Rt. 222.
Turn left. Continue on 222 for a short distance (approx. 1 mile ) The entrance to Wm Harsha Dam & Lake will be on your right.( Slade Road.)
Take that road until you come upon a sign Tailwater, Picnic shelter.
Turn left. Continue to the Parking lot.

William Harsha Lake was authorized under the flood control act of 1938.The dam is about 4 miles south of Batavia, Ohio on the east fork of the Little Miami River.
Construction began in May of1970,and became operational in May 1978 at a cost of
$ 55 million.

Note to all the fishermen out there~ Bring your poles because it must be a good place to fish looking at all the people standing on the banks of the spillway.!

From the parking lot you will have a picnic shelter on your left, and further toward the dam levy, rest rooms to your right.
The TRAIL you want is on your right ( uphill ).
After you pass the rest rooms.
You will come to a switchback to your right. Continue up the trail until you come to the FIRST "water bar " (4X4 treated lumber )
Line up with that bar (heading of 80° ) East. Take 20 paces to a tree with 3 trunks .
The Owl's Nest letterbox is nestled in the forks of the tree under a rock or two.
Please replace the letterbox and rocks.
Continue on this trail and it will take you to the top of the levy.
Thank You. franzsolo...