Near Northwoods YMCA... dinosaurs in hodag country  LbNA # 25111 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 1 2006
LocationRhinelander, WI
Found By ARK
Last Found Aug 7 2010
Hike Distance?

The best place to be to get close to the start of the boxes is to park in the southwest corner of the Northwoods YMCA parking lot. This is located on the HWY 17 bypass.

You have a choice of a close proximity box with slightly rugged terrain .... or a longer hike box....about one mile total on a smooth gravel path...or both.

Clues for close box:

Find the entrance to the Labyrinth. Follow the path to its center.
Go forty paces from the center straight East to a large rock.
Look South down the crevice in the rock & in the distance you will see a stone & mortar structure.
Proceed across the field to the structure.
You will see a cross on the structure. The portion fo the cross away from the road will point to a large pine tree.
Near the pine tree you will find a large stump.
The box will be nestled next to the stump & covered with several medium size sticks.

Clues for longer hike box:

The Stoney Pine hiking trail begins just South of the Labyrinth and goes East. Stay on the gravel paths until you reach the box.
Follow the path past a clump of small birch trees on your right....then you will go over a small wooden bridge.
Continue to follow the path into the woodlands.

When you come to your first choice follow the compass North. At your next choice choose East.
You will soon come to a bench on the are about half way so you may want to rest.

When you are rested continue your journey along the path, enjoy the woodcock & eagle educational placards along the way.
From the eagle the path goes downhill to four large rocks. At the corner of the path nearest the four rocks you will leave the path for ten paces. When you leave the path make sure you are following an imaginary line that would begin at the eagle placard & go between the rocks with equal rocks on each side.

You should find yourself at a medium size tree between the pines. Just behind this tree near its base the box will be under a pile of rocks.

Once you have safely replaced the box make sure you finish this great nature walk by continuing along the path. It will loop around back to the woodland entrance.