Register Cliffs  LbNA # 24889

Placed DateAug 18 2006
LocationWheatland, WY
Planted Byknapp-kins    
Found By Foothill Forester
Last Found Oct 22 2006
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This box was searched for - but NOT found on Oct. 3- 2009!!
Another search was made on Oct. 17 - NOT Found.
Sorry - It looks like it may be gone.

Register Cliff is a National Monument located on the Platte River in Eastern Wyoming. It commemorates the journey of American Pioneers westward from approximately 1832 to the present.

We started our first efforts at Letterboxing just this last week and we spent two days searching for and finding several boxes from Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado all the way to the Black Hills in South Dakota.
When we stumbled on Register Cliffs, we were impressed by the shear numbers of pioneers who have visited this site and naturally wanted to leave a mark of our own. However, we felt that scratching our names next to Mormans and Pioneers from the mid-1800's would devalue the nature of this National Monument. So we instead decided to leave a more modern mark that would add to the value of this remarkable sport of Letterboxing.

Because we were unprepared to leave this box in this location, we appologize for the rather crude manner in which it was created, but we assure you - the box is there and the journal is worth finding. We hope you enjoy our Stamp and the notes that our children excitedly left for you.


Register Cliff is located along the Platte River, in South East Wyoming, just west of the South Dakota Border. As you pull into the parking area, you will pass a marker commemorating the location of a Pony Express Station that was located here in the 1860's. Also in the area are the "Pioneer Ruts" formed from decades of wear by the hard wheels of mormon and otherwise homeless travelers of many years ago.

Park your car (or your bike) between the Pioneer's Cemetary and the Potato Cave. You will need to take the time to read the thousands of names and dates inscribed into the rock, some of which have been there for more than 150 years. The signage here is very informative of the plight of the Mormans and american pioneers, as well as the exact path of the travelers and the Pony Express.

Follow the trail south and east to the far end of the monument. Our Letterbox is located at the end of the trail, below one of the biggest boulders that has fallen from the high cliffs above. On the south face of the boulder is the initials "E.E." and just below are the initials "P.P." On the far Lower Left, just above the location of our box are the Initials TK carved by another previous pioneer, NOT this author.

Beware - This area is known for Rattle Snakes and Scorpians and danger lurks in the cool dark shadows below these innocent looking rocks. Please be careful while searching for this hidden treasure. And be sure to rehide the box in the exact location in which you found it.

Because this is our first placement of a Letterbox, we encourage you to drop us a line to let us know when you find it and give us a short description of your journey.
We think that this is a great way to learn about people who enjoy traveling and exploring as much as we do.
We truly look forward to hearing from you.

Keep on Letterboxing and
We hope to run into you on the trail someday.

This box was searched for - but NOT found on Oct. 3- 2009!!
Another search was made on Oct. 17 - NOT Found.
Sorry - It looks like it may be gone.

It has been several years now since the letterbox has been placed, the last time we are aware it was found was early 2007. We hope that you will take the time to log your find so that we will know that the box still exists!! Thank you.