Medford Dog Park  LbNA # 24885 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 24 2006
LocationMedford, NJ
Found By Arf!
Last Found May 8 2009
Hike Distance?

Take Rt. 70 to Rt. 541. ( N. Main St. in Medford.)
Go thru the 1st light.
Make a right on Allen.
Make a left on Gill.
Go to the end and park in the lot on the right.
Walk towards the trail, the ball field will be on your right.
When you get to the field, turn left and follow the woods.
You will come to a sign that says, “Dog Trail.” DO NOT follow the sign, instead turn left and follow the trail down to the creek.
Walk along the water, with the creek on your left.
You will come to a clearing, with a little beach. Here you will find a stump, about 3 feet and leaning towards the creek. Stand at the stump facing where you came in.
Site a tree at 40*. The tree is split down the center. Make your way to this tree. Standing with your back to the hollowed out section, site a tree at 310*.
This tree is a single trunk tree that splits into two trunks. The micro box is hidden at the base of this tree. Please stamp the book and rehide.
For the second box, go back to the 3 foot stump, and continue walking along the creek. You will cross a dried out creek bed. Keep following the water. Soon you will see a smiling tree. You are almost there.
Keep on walking and you will come to a dead end, you have run out of land.
Standing here you will see a big tree with big roots on your right.
Walk around the tree towards the water, you will see a large hollow root, the box you are looking for is hidden here. Please stamp in the rehide the book.
To get out, turn around. When you get to the trail turn left. Follow to the field. This is not the field that you came in on.
Turn right and walk along the woods. Soon you will come to an opening that will take to back to the field that you came in on. Do you see the benches at the far of the field? This is where you want to go to get back to the parking lot.

This park is dog friendly. There are two fields and a creek, so bring your furry friend and enjoy.