Bug Eaters  LbNA # 24666 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 18 2006
LocationSpringfield, OR
Planted ByTCE    
Found By Jess
Last Found Mar 6 2007
Hike Distance?

These 2 boxes are at Thurston Elementary School in Springfield, Oregon.

***Please go to these boxes on the Weekend, or in the late evening so as NOT to disturb the students.***

Take Highway 126 East to Thurston Road, and then turn left. You'll follow Thurston Road through the countryside, and find the school on your left.

You can also take Highway 126 West...that is if you're coming from Eastern Oregon.

*** If you know how to get to TES an easier way, or can find an easier way, that would be great. I just gave the easiest directions.

To the boxes! ->

Box #1 is a little ringtail animal that doesn't live in Oregon, but does eat bugs in the Southwest.

Enter the school grounds at the South enterance. Go to the Southeast corner, and follow the farmer's fence North. Find the little fellow behind a fence post near a tree...the second clump of trees to be more exact.

Box #2 is a stamp of an animal quite a bit larger than the little ringtail. And, this one eats ants much further south than the animal of box #1

Continue following the fence past the trees, past the playground, and the junked cars. You might see some goats and cows that are eager to see you as you follow the fence.

Walk to light number 96143 then look to the ivy close by.

Happy Hunting!!!

* If either of these boxes need repair or a new book, e-mail Romgenesis@netscape.net

Oh, the first box animal is called a Ringtail Cat, or a Coatamundi; the second box is a Giant Anteater from South America.