Virtual Letterbox #1 - TV - Spongebob Squarepants  LbNA # 24520

Placed DateAug 13 2006
Location???, VIR
Planted Bychrishy_man    
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Last Found Apr 27 2015
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1.) In the episode "Idiot Box" Squidward imagine's that Spongebob and Patrick are making realistic sounds by using a tape recorder. When he sneaks up to the box to catch them in the act they have a tape recorder ___. (3 letters long) (Fill in the blank. 3rd letter is First in passkey)

2.) In the episode "Valentine's Day" Sandy and Spongbob make Patrick a big balloon made of _________. (9 letters long) (Fill in the blank. 7th letter is Second in passkey)

3.) In the episode "Dunces and Dragons" Spongebob and Patrick travel back to the medieval times. There they meet charcters that relate to the ones they know in their centuary. The name of the medieval character like Squidward is ________. (8 letters long) (Fill in the blank. 6th letter is Third in passkey) IMPORTANT: This answer may have a controversial spelling. Please try a few before you e-mail me with questions!

4.) In the episode "F.U.N." Plankton tries to gain Spongbob's trust to get the secret formula. In the process, Plankton actually starts having fun! In Plankton's first version of the F.U.N. U stands for Urainium (pause) _____. (5 letters long) (Fill in the blank. 4th letter is Fourth in passkey)

5.) In the episode "MuscleBob BuffPants" spongbob looks strong by getting ______ Arms. (6 letters long) (Fill in the blank. 3rd letter is Fifth in passkey)

6.) In the episode "Texas" Spongebob and Patrick bring the literal meaning of barbecues to Bikini Bottom by making Squidward hold a letter "Q" covered in _____. (5 letters long) (Fill in the blank. 5th letter is Sixth in passkey)

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