The Cat's Hat  LbNA # 24359

OwnerUrban Letterboxer    
Placed Date
Location???, MA
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 14 2009
Hike Distance?

Hike Length:0.2 miles
Elevation Gain: 0 feet


Where Theodore draws
And an elephant runs loose
Thing One and Thing Two
Guard a Big-Hearted Moose

Sam is there
And the Grinch and Max
Across the way
Is a welcoming Lorax

Gertrude McFuzz
Perches on text
In the midst of it all
Stands a cat who is vexed

“Oh dear, oh dear!”
Exclaims the cat
“I seem to have mislaid
My favorite hat.

The one on my head
Is hard and tight
Where is my other
That’s soft and light?"

(You want to help
But there are pros and cons
Of getting involved
With a cat made of bronze)

“Please will you help me?”
He ruffles his locks
“Could my hat be hiding
In a letterbox?”


Stand back to back
With the cat in the hat
Walk 12 urban steps
And don’t look back

Turn to the right
Pass lights 1-2-3
Go left 30 steps
Until turtles you see.

Your feet will find
Dark and light
Along the pathway
To your right

The pattern is plain
Although rather flat
It’s like walking along
The stripes of a hat

Pass the big boulder
Go around! Now you’ll see
On your right - big flat rocks
Count them!
This number is key!

Depart the turtle kingdom
Toward the left you will veer
And arrive at a house
Kilroy was here!

Keep walking, keep walking
Pass one pine tree
Duck down behind it
Don’t let anyone see!

A ramp is there
The posts stand strong
Here comes the hard part
Don’t get it wrong

Remember the number?
The number that’s key?
From the left count the posts
_____, _____, ____ !

Just beside it
A bit to the right
The cat’s hat waits
Out of sight.

Be careful, be careful
Stamp in when you find it
Make sure you are clever
When you rehide it!

Bring your own pen and ink pad.