Methuen Millionaires: Nevins  LbNA # 24319 (ARCHIVED)

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In the 1800's Methuen was home to three mega millionaires; Edward Searles, David Nevins and Charles Tenney. This would be the modern equivalent to Bill Gates, Sam Walton and Warren Buffet living in the same town. With three large egos and large pocketbooks in close proximity, one upmanship was the order of the day. As a result Methuen was bestowed with some remarkable landmarks. This series honors these three that gave Methuen its unique charm.

David C. Nevins 1809-1881

Mr. Nevins became a millionaire thru the textile industry. At first he imported English-made cloth to undercutting American competitors. In the 1840's when Congress raised tariffs, he bought his own textile mills in New York, Lawrence, MA and his hometown of Methuen. In 1852 he established the City Exchange Banking Co. of Boston.

The cloth that Nevins manufactured was world renowned as "Methuen Duck Cloth" and was used for sail cloth and making tents for the tropics.

The Nevins Memorial library was built in 1883 in memory of David Nevins Sr. In 1868, David Sr. had purchased the property across the street from where he resided with the intentions of building a library for the citizens of Methuen. He died before that plan could take place. His widow and sons made it their mission to complete this benevolent act in his name. David Sr and his wife, Eliza, are buried on the grounds beneath the "Angel of Life" statue.

Other contributions to Methuen from the Nevins family legacy include the farm on which the MSPCA resides, Nevins home for the aged, the pet cemetery, the land on which the Quinn municipal building stands, and an endowment for a medical clinic at town hall.


Standing at the "Angel of Life" head Northwest to a large circle. From the center of the circle - sight 135 degrees