Warren College  LbNA # 24314 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 4 2006
CountySan Diego
LocationLa Jolla, CA
Planted Bykiwigirl    
Found By ipako
Last Found Sep 4 2006
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**10/5/06: I've been told that the table was moved and the Warren College letterbox has gone missing. If it doesn't show up in the next week or so I'll look into making a replacement.**

Earl Warren College sits on the northeastern edge of the main campus of UCSD. It's a fairly well-known fact among students that Warren College houses the majority of the university's cottontail rabbit population within the canyon directly north of Canyon Vista--a dining hall appropriately named for its view. There are, of course, other critters roaming the canyon, but the rabbits are such a common sight here that they have become somewhat of an informal symbol of this college. You might even spot a rabbit or two on the well-kept lawns if there aren't too many people walking about at the time.

To find the Warren College letterbox, start out at the intersection of Voigt Drive and Equality Lane. Walk northeast down Equality Lane until you reach a circular turnaround at the end of the road. There should be three paths available to you here: a dirt trail on your left, a set of stairs in the middle and a path leading toward the Canyon Vista Administration building on the right. Take the dirt trail down and follow it until you reach the first flight of concrete stairs on your right. Go up these these stairs, turn to your right at the top and keep walking straight (you will pass under a walkway overhead) until you reach a longer set of concrete stairs. At the top of this second set of stairs, turn left and walk down the path, keeping the building on the left at your left side the entire time. At the end of the path there is a shaded sitting area overlooking the canyon with a picnic table and trashcan. If you sit down at the table while facing the canyon, the Warren College letterbox is attached magnetically under the left hand side of the table. Stamp in, place the box back in its original spot and enjoy the nice canyon breeze. :)

NOTE: It might help to visit this letterbox as early as possible in the morning on a Saturday or Sunday if you plan on stopping by while classes are in session (September through June). Parking is free on weekends and more students living on campus are likely to be sleeping during the morning hours so you can carry out your search with fewer worries of prying eyes. You can find more parking information at http://parking.ucsd.edu/ and campus maps at http://maps.ucsd.edu/ to plan your visit.