Sacramento Parent Magazine #1  LbNA # 24210 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 30 2006
LocationSacramento, CA
Planted BySac Parent    
Found By handy trackers
Last Found Jan 1 2007
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Sacramento Parent Magazine #1

Your search begins at the Sacramento Park named after the 25th President of the United States.

Next, find the place where the ducks live.

As you walk around it's shore, keep an eye out for two white lions. When you find them, walk between them into the castle they guard.

Search high and low until you find the twin slides.

Across from the slides, at the far end of the play area, is a green table great for eating lunch. Have a seat at the table and look back at the slides.

The slide nearest to the sign that tells you the park's hours is the slide that is hiding the Sac Parent Letterbox.

A sandwich container is buried in the wood chips, nestled up against the support under the slide. It will be against the side you can see from the green bench.

Dig it up and head back to the picnic table and open the sandwich container. Remember not to draw attention to yourself. Pretend that everyone brings a notepad and stamp to eat for lunch!

Be sure bury it right where you dug it up so that others can find it too.