Fort To Sea Trail  LbNA # 24204

Placed DateJul 30 2006
LocationWarrenton, OR
Planted ByNeNe    
Found By tgjamin
Last Found Apr 10 2010
Hike Distance?

**moved letterbox to new location 4/29/07**

Hike length: 6.5 miles one way. (Around 3 miles round trip from the fort to the viewpoint and back to the fort).

Lewis and Clark hiked this way to get to the beach. The beach at the end of the trail is really cool. You can drive your car onto the sand and play. Which is really nice when your kids get super sandy icky! Just have them rinse off in the surf and jump into the car (we didn't bring extra clothes or towels!). Well, they will be a little less icky since they won't be walking across the sand all wet.

To start from the fort, park near the visitor center. The trail starts south of the parking lot where there's a little picnic area. Follow this till you have to cross the road and eventually start going uphill.

To start from the beach, drive south on 101 till you see the Sunset Beach Access and Lewis and Clark Fort to Sea Trail. Just follow the signs :)

Once you reach the viewpoint (about 3 miles (rt) from the fort), the letterbox is a little back and to the right of the little sign that says "Fort to Sea Trail". There are some large stones sitting there...the LB is in between two large stones and covered with smaller rocks. This is not my favorite carving job. But the trail is pretty neat and the view is amazing.

Good Luck! NeNe (emailed updates are appreciated :) )