Birthday Letterbox  LbNA # 2417

Placed DateAug 26 2001
LocationSaugatuck, MI
Planted By2 bentriders    
Found By spartanfans
Last Found Jun 3 2012
Hike Distance?

Saugatuck Dunes State Park

Placed originally by 2 Bentriders from Indiana on August 26, 2001 their birthday! They now live and letterbox in Oregon, and this box was adopted in April 2011 by Chilly


Begin your adventure on the Beach Trail from the parking lot. Follow the posts marked with a yellow painted top and a green arrowhead. Enjoy this wonderful sandy trail through the forest. When you come to a split in the trail, stay on the path as marked by the posts. When you come to the high point on the trail, stay to the right and you will begin a long gradual decent (also great on cross county skis in the winter!) You will come to a Y in the trail. Take the trail to the left. Just before you get to the end of the trail, you will see a glimpse Lake Michigan, and an old abandoned concrete block building on your left. Take the trail to the right that goes northwest. Soon you will emerge from the woods and see the lake in front of you (resist going to the lake for right now). From the top of this dune, look northeast for a trail that heads back into the woods. Take the one heading down into the forest and not the one that goes uphill or the one that skirts the forest to the left. The trail has a yellow and white top of fading paint. You will now head back into a younger, less mature forest. Soon this connector trail dead ends into another trail.

(Note: At this point, if you take the dogleg to the right, you can follow the clues to The Dragon's Back Letterbox.)

To your left there is a trail heading over a dune to the beach. Take this trail toward the lake and go to the top of this dune. Enjoy the view. Looking due west into the bowl in front of you, you will see a large, tall pine tree. Descend into the bowl and go to this tree. From this pine tree, go due south approximately 60 steps. You will see an old, gnarled pine tree, not too tall but with large branches spread down low on the sand. (He stands close to some oak trees) At the base of this pine tree you will find the birthday letterbox!

Be sure to hide him well. It has often been left exposed.