Beach View By The Dunes  LbNA # 2404

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Placed DateMay 20 2001
LocationSawyer, MI
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Warren Dunes State Park
Placed by 2 bentriders
May 20, 2001

Up for adoption - we moved to NY and now to Oregon - contact us if you are interested in adopting this terrific and popular box.

Having been suggested by several letterboxers, we advise you that this is a long hike. That didn't stop its first 62 visitors, so we hope it doesn't discourage you. The hike can be strenuous at times, taking you up and down the dunes. Bring water and dress for the weather. Don't be discouraged - the views are worth it!

Enter Warren Dunes State Park and take your first right past the guard house toward the campgrounds. (At the guard house, ask for a Foot Trails map - it can be helpful) In about 1/4 mile, look for the parking lot for the Nature Trail on your left. At the end of the parking lot is the trail head for the Nature Trail. (If you didn't get a map at the guard house, look for one here.)

About 1/2 mile into your walk, there will be two unmarked forks, take the left fork on both. Then look for a park sign for the Red Squirrel Trail on your left. Take this trail and continue through the woods on the Red Squirrel Trail. In about 1/2 mile you will come out of the woods and begin your walk on the magnificent dunes. Soon the Red Squirrel Trail will dead-end into the Blue Jay Tail. Turn left and continue toward the lake. Before long you will get a wonderful view of the lake. Look for the Beach Trail on your left. Turn left and follow the Beach trail southwest, parallel with the shore on your right. The first section of the trail stays high on the ridge of the dunes. It is not well worn here, so watch carefully so you don't stray. In about 1/4 mile the trail will approach the woods, and turn downhill. Continue to following the trail downhill along the edge of the woods. Soon the trail will have descended close to the same level as the shore. Now look on your left for a metal fence post that is capped with a small pyramid shaped wooden block. Stop here and put your back to the water, looking uphill into the woods. Just 15 feet in front of you will see an old pine tree who has died. Its old trunk lays horizontally, and on the left side of the horizontal trunk at the base of the tree you will find the letterbox, hidden under a pile of branches. (Please be sure to replace the box and branches carefully to keep it hidden from view.)

After completing the letterbox, we recommend continuing southwest along the lake and intersect with the Mt. Randal Trail. Take this scenic trail inland, back toward the campground and the Nature Trail. When you get to the Nature Trail, turn right and you will be very close to the parking lot.