Geometry Frog  LbNA # 2402 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 25 2003
Location???, OH
Found By
Last Found
Hike Distance?

This mystery box was placed by Salamander on 1-25-03.
Difficulty: Moderate.***
Please bring a pen and stamppad.

To solve the Geometry Frog mystery, you must begin by
going to a certain small town somewhere around central Ohio. This
town has a population of around 13,485 people. The community has a
popular festival each year--perhaps you or someone in your circle of
friends has been to it. If not, don't let your hopes be squashed--
there is always next October. Once you find the correct town, you
will then have to decide which highway to take out of town. In
providing "mystery box" clues, it's always sort of a catch-22
deciding how specific to get. But even if the clues are a bit
difficult, sure as the sun rises in the east, somebody is bound to
figure them out. Anyway, when you are on the proper highway, heading
in the proper direction, you should notice a sign, about 1.7 miles
out of town, which indicates a nearby state park. Go to that park. (If
you've worked up a thirst by now, perhaps you could stop along the
way for a coffee or soda--I think that an A&W would be just the right
thing). Once in the park, you need to find an area with four benches
facing a large rock which bears a plaque in memory of a certain state
employee. If you stand in front of the rock, facing the plaque, the
letterbox is about 4 feet to your right at the base of an evergreen