Manaus Tropical, Brazil  LbNA # 23957

Placed DateJan 15 2006
CountyOther International
LocationManaus, Brazil, INT
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General Information

The Tropical Manaus Hotel is located on the outskirts of Manaus at the confluence of the Rio Negro and the Amazon River in fabulous Brazil.

The Tropical Manaus Hotel consists of two buildings separated by about 100 metres (115 yards) and the area has wonderful sand beaches and innumerable tourist activities.

Manaus is a main hub for flights into Brazil direct from Miami.


Proceed to the front entrance of the main Tropical Manaus Hotel. This is the low rise building, not the newer high rise building.

Look downhill across the road toward the Rio Negro. A small parking lot is immediately ahead across the road.

Take the sidewalk beside the road left from the parking lot 15 paces to a well marked path leading downhill.

Turn right onto the path and continue to the 4th turn where you will see 2 trees at the turn beside the path. You will actually see the 2 trees as soon as you make the 3rd turn.

The ‘Manaus Tropical’ Letterbox is located behind these 2 trees under some rocks and debris.

Once you have found the ‘Manaus Tropical' Letterbox and signed in, thank you for replacing the Letterbox to ensure the integrity of its hiding place.

Please ensure that there are sufficient stones and forest debris protecting the ‘Manaus Tropical' Letterbox so that it is well protected from the view of passersby. Thank you.

We hope you enjoy Manaus and its many activities and beautiful beaches as well as the easy search for the ‘Manaus Tropical’ Letterbox.

Please contact us by email at to let us know you found this box and the condition it is in, plus any other comments you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Letterboxing!