Docked at the Marina  LbNA # 23927 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 21 2006
LocationRio Vista, CA
Found By Team Pelipen
Last Found Jan 26 2009
Hike Distance?

Terrain: Can either walk or drive to this one. Fairly easy walk unless it's hot out, then it gets a bit long.

Hand Carved Stamp: Yes


1) From the Rio Vista Library, proceed south on Second Street about 4 or 5 blocks

2) When you get to the sign directing you to the Marina, you know you've gone far enough. Turn left

3) About half way in you'll come to some restrooms on the right hand side of the road. Just past the restrooms there is a building marked "Laundry" and "For Marina Residents Only." This is the building you're looking for.

4) On the far side of the building, there is a set of two steps. What you seek is hidden under this "stairwell."

Note: When re-hiding, push box in just far enough to be out of sight, but not so far that others coming after you have to reach way way way inside to find the box.

If you are letterboxing around lunch time, continue further on down this road and enjoy a delicious lunch at The Point Restaurant. You can also "visit" the chair John Travolta sat in when he ate there quite a few years ago.

Have fun and happy hunting!