All Aboard the KLS!  LbNA # 23913 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 20 2006
LocationPort Orchard, WA
Planted ByHappy Papaya    
Found By Mehtala Ridge Farms
Last Found Aug 11 2008
Hike Distance?

Take the kids for a fun day of letterboxing at the home of the Kitsap Live Steamers. ( The KLS runs every 2nd and 4th Saturday, March through October. Park by the boulders and head to the station to begin your trek.

Turn to your left and follow the tracks until they go over a trussel. Just past it, there are two trees that stand tall on each side of the track. You will find "the Engine" in a hollow place to the left of these Guardians.

Continue on the trail and cross over the tracks. You will come to a place where the path is intersected by a fallen fir. Turn to your right, and walk 40 paces (tightrope style) on this natural branch line. Stop and look under your feet, on the right hand side, for "Boxcar #2".

Return to the path and continue until you reach a Y. Go left. You will come to another Y, this time go right. Up ahead you will see an aged giant who is down on his luck. It stands to the right of a 5' tall conductor. Help him find his ticket, "boxcar #3", in his under-seat storage compartment.

Return to the last Y and go straight. You will cross the tracks once again. Keep an eye out for a marker low to the ground for "Oregon Grapes". From the marker, walk 12 paces to a stump. "The Caboose" is hidden under the bark.

Now continue on the trail until you return to the field. Take a ride on the Live Steamers and enjoy the scenery from a whole new perspective! We hope you have enjoyed the hike, please email us and let us know how it went!