carolina jewel  LbNA # 23889 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 18 2006
Locationnorth augusta, SC
Planted Bycarolinatreasure    
Found By Kirbert
Last Found Nov 22 2007
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carolina jewel

Carolina Jewel

North Augusta is a small town on the Georgia/South Carolina border. It's a settlement that has died out several times but is now thriving. Founded in 1902 by James U. Jackson it's beautiful place that flourishes to this day.

To find the box you need to find the fork where Carolina Ave. and Georgia Ave. meet.* Travel north on Carolina Ave. for a couple of blocks until you reach West Arlington heights Ave. Turn left onto Arlington for two blocks where the street ends at Lake Ave. Turn left onto Lake for about four blocks until you reach West spring grove Ave. To your right there should be a park called "Living History Park"**. Go into the park on the small dirt road and park. Find the chapel (the building with the big cross in front of it) and go to the bottom of the steps. Walk straight accross the bridge and accross the lawn to where there is a slight incline. Look for a rock that flush with the slope. Directly to you right there should be a bent-over tree with a reasonably sized rock underneath it. Dig under the rock and you'll find the box. (please bring a hand trowel)

*at the fork there is a mansion built by Jackson called Look Away Hall that most of the locals are familiar with.
**This park holds an annual colonial festival which is the reason for all the weird buildings.