The Ogden Hiker  LbNA # 23881 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 18 2006
CountyBritish Columbia, CAN
LocationVictoria, BRC
Planted ByTeamNorthwestPassage    
Found By The Lovebirds
Last Found Apr 29 2009
Hike Distance?

We hid this box as a tribute to a Colorado-area letterboxer who is coming in to Victoria on a cruise. Most cruise-ships that make a stop in Victoria dock at this Ogden Point port, and most lucky travellers coming in on a cruise should be able to get to this box by foot. Please allow roughly one hour(+) for the find.

****WARNING***** August, 2007: We fear that this box has disappeared! We are unable to check up on it, but have heard from numerous sources that it has gone missing.***

Start at the "Ogden Point Dive Centre and Cafe", at 1999 Dallas Road.

Walking down the cafe's ramp away from the cafe, head towards Dallas Road (away from the breakwater, as tempting as it may be!).

Once you hit the road, head right along the sidewalk above the waterway. You'll know that you're headed in the right direction when, after roughly 80 paces, you pass "Pilot Street" on your left.

Continue walking along this path/sidewalk until you reach the end of the powder-blue concrete railings.

At the end of the railings, bear right on the asphalt path along the water, heading past "SS San Pedro" on your right.

From the green "Mile 0" marker, begin counting your paces. At 125 paces, you'll pass "Holland Point" rock on your left. Stay on the path.

After another 130 paces, head down to the beach, using the stairs to your right. (Think of "Shannon" as you're eight from the bottom!) Once you get down to the beach, start walking to your left. Pick up a pebble or piece of beach glass along the way to deposit in the letterbox; bear in mind that the letterbox is small. Continue walking along the beach (if the tide permits) 'til you reach another set of stairs. Take these new stairs back up to the asphalt path.

Once you're back up on the path, head to your right. Keep a keen eye out for "Cecil Ridout" on your left (start looking now!). 50 paces after "Cecil Ridout", you'll find yourself at a crossroads. Take the gravel path to your left.

After taking 110 paces in this new direction, take a right (over the grass), and start walking on the side of a small man-made body of water. As you're walking to the right of this new body of water, note the full name of the "tough old bird". Multiply the number of letters in the "old bird's" full name by 4, and then minus 8 off the total. This total is Number XYZ. Remember this number, you'll need it later!

At your next opportunity, take the path to your right, heading back towards the glorious view.

Bearing left, you'll find yourself back on the asphalt track.

From the 500m post, take "XYZ" paces, with the ocean on your right. After taking these "XYZ" paces, on your right-hand side, you'll notice a small wooden fence along the coastline. Where this fence peters off into the bush is where you'll find what you seek! The letterbox is nestled right on the ground, where the last portion of the fence ends.