Galax Leaf  LbNA # 23835

Placed DateJul 17 2006
LocationGalax, NC
Planted By3coolkids    
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This box is actually in North Carolina but right on the line of Galax, VA

On the Blue Ridge Parkway you will find a great spot for picnics and hikes at Cumberland Knob.

Here is how to find our box
From the main parking lot take the trail to Cumberland Knob (the short trail with the little shelter at the top- not the Gulley Creek trail)
When you reach the cabin at the top take about 23 step forward and you will see a tree stump on your right(with your back to the cabin) turn by the stump and go about 12 steps down the trail there is BIG tree on your left - across from the tree take about 12 steps into the woods. You will see two big trees beside each other with a small fallen tree between them. Our box is under this fallen log. Look well under the dead leaves. Be sure to put the log back on top of the box. Have fun and enjoy the walk and look for the Galax leaves along the trail.