Astoria Cathedral Tree  LbNA # 23831

Placed DateJul 16 2006
LocationAstoria, OR
Planted ByNeNe    
Found By CordialBunnyMoonCrab
Last Found Apr 27 2011
Hike Distance?

Hike: 1.5 miles (seems shorter) sort of steep.

**Letterbox is happily where it should be 10/14/07**

You can start the Cathedral Tree Trail up at the Astoria Column by my Astoria Column LB (1.5 +/- miles downhill) or drive down the hill and along Irving Street to the other trailhead (1 mile mostly flat). If coming from the Irving trailhead, once you reach the stairs go to the left at the T. (We were thinking they should have had a sign there.) The Cathedral Tree is very close.

Stand in the opening to the Cathedral Tree. Look north for another large sitka spruce...walk over to it. On the west side of this tree (you will know it's the right one if there's a really large hole at the roots. Don't worry...I didn't put the letterbox WAY down it) I stuck the letterbox in a crevice on the sw side and covered it with moss.

( I don't think anymore geocachers will stumble across my letterbox now! They were nice enough to sign my logbook, though. And, thankfully, they didn't swap my stamp! )

Enjoy! NeNe

Email me, if you like. I appreciate updates about the boxes.