A Crowning Experience  LbNA # 23776

Placed DateJul 16 2006
Location???, NY
Found By ???
Last Found Aug 9 2011
Hike Distance?

These are cryptic crossword clues. The number after each clue is the total of letters in the answer. After finding all the clues, you will then need to fill them in the grid

above. Then match the letters with the code below to get the clues to the letterbox. Here's a hint: All answers have something to do with letterboxing in some slight way. (BTW The grid is 11 x 11 for you diagramless fanatics!). Please take the time to locate this box for your enjoyment!


1 I start confusing Chagall. (6)

4 The chopper made repetitive noise. (4)

7 Pinto smashed into climber's equipment (5)

8 Tie one hundred in middle of seal returning. (5)

9 Wild tins amount to north range (9)

11 Entire ore lost locating bearings (9)

15 Mixed up kid he walked in the woods (5)

16 Bee before lounging left a mark (5)

17 Monster lives in long tree (4)

18 Tex misses tea with Nathan sighing (6)


1 Serpent bites when you grasp sticks. (4)

2 There stood the ump like a wooden pole (5)

3 Sore skin scorched after helios (9)

5 Black coal cat sits on opuntia (5)

6 Perfume loses ion leaving compulsion. (6)

8 Bert let ox play with the treasure! (9)

10 Yippee!! Three rings to doctor who (3-3...hyphenated)

12 Stamper Eisenhower cuts off heads of New Rochelle (5)

13 Tiara converted into tether (5)

14 Heads of Prayer Rock ah-chooed off Pepper leaving Mark
and Sue (4)


5f?6k 1c11h8g2e6a3h? 1F11i9c4c 4c11g1d10i-20 7b10i10c-32 5j1k11c5g9a 6k3c11i?5i5j11b

11j4c*5g 1a7f 7b10i10c-32A 9a11k919e5i5f11b 3c11a 10k11i11j1h7e$3b3g3g1h. 2e10k,

2e10k, 2e10k! 9e1b9b$11f 1c9a7b2e 10i1a8c5f1h11c6k$8i11j9h4k. 3c5e7i3e 3g9d*6g 1k5f

9g3g1k8a5c11f6e 1b1k5h9e 10a1b 1i1b-16. 3g7a11a9c *7a7i 9e1a9h7h 11c1k1a9e 5d5j

3c1j4g 11c3b11b9a4i ( 7f9a3b6k 3b2a 1a 3g8a3e11b 9e8g5i$11d). 2a10i3h? 11c3b11b9a4i

3i7i3d5k1e3b5f11b 5g9a9d 9g7i5i9e11b9k. 11b7b3h$11f9h 8g1k3h9e. 10k9i7b9c 3b5j

4a5c1a3g11j 11j1k5g. 9c3b8a6k9c 3b7e 1e6a 1i10g8g5f3j1b.

Symbols to determine: ~ ,? , $, *

A box with no hinge, no key, but a lid; yet inside a wonder for you is hid. See through THIS puzzle you’ll find it’s name; then go on the journey to obtain your claim.


Go Gold, register. Go Gold meet trail head. Go left blue up through boulders inclines end at old quarry at right...continue staying blue passing an enormous “evergreen” boulder...continue...walking. STOP before the drop! Bear 235* to square “Camping Prohibited” sign on a tree. Stand with left shoulder next to this tree facing 275* and 17 paces. Pass a shoulder height ledge stopping at a second ledge. Two fir trees with the roots exposed. Left root is shaped like the letter “L”. Under the ledge and a flat rock is the box. Go back to the "drop" and enjoy the view! (recently maintained 6-19-11)