Wm. H. Kain County Park-Lake Redman  LbNA # 23752 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 15 2006
LocationYork, PA
Planted ByF. E. Bob    
Found By superlau
Last Found Sep 4 2006
Hike Distance?

Wm. H. Kain County Park-Lake Redman

THIS BOX IS CURRENTLY MISSING. Thank you to anyone who sent me an email regarding this box, your feedback is appreciated.

Park at the boat rental lot.

Walk past the boat rental hut and locate Trail No. 3. Enter Tail No. 3 at the trail marker (dirt path)

Keep walking. At the first trail split, stay to the right.

At the fork in the trail, take the middle path up the small hill.

Enter a clearing and go to the right.

Cross the macadam road and follow trail. You are still on Trail No. 3, which will be indicated by a marker.

On the left will be a green chain metal fence. Continue on.

Locate huge fallen tree on the left, where you will make a turn to the right.

At next split in the trail, go right.

Trail splits again. Go right for 20 paces. Looking carefully on your left, locate a tree with lower limbs broken off and jutting out. At the back base of this tree under a pile of leaves is the treasure you seek.

When this box was placed, a hitchhiker climbed on for the ride. Take good care of him and pass him on.

This box was placed by Jane, with assistance by F.E. Bob.