Mr. Moody Visits Niagara Falls  LbNA # 23597 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 26 2006
CountyOntario, CAN
LocationNiagara Falls, ONT
Planted ByFoster-4-Pk    
Found By broad
Last Found Sep 15 2007
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 11 2015

Difficulty level: Easy

***** Update*****

Alas, I have had several e-mails telling me that the area where Mr. Moody is hiding is under construction and thus inaccessible. It is unclear if he will escape unscathed, so for now I will leave the clues posted. If you are in the area of the Table Rock House, please let us know if the construction is completed and if you have any luck finding Mr. Moody.

*****Update----Thank you******

9-29-06 Mr. Moody has a new box and is doing well. We hear he has had a number of visitors. We would love to hear any further updates. Next time you find him, could you e-mail us a short list of the origins of some of his visitors? Our kids would love to use this in their geography lessons. Thank You.

Mr. Moody recently traveled with his family from Chesapeake, VA to Niagara Falls, ONT. He liked it so much he decided to stay. He can be found near the Table Rock House near Horseshoe Falls. This area is densely populated with tourists, so utmost stealth will be required to retrieve this box undetected.

The Clues:
Walking south along the pedestrian path from the American Falls to the Horseshoe Falls you will come to the Table Rock House, home to restarants, giftshops, and the ticket booth to the Journey Behind the Falls (a must see). Stand facing the side entrance of Table Rock House, with the falls to your left and the road to your right. There is a sign above the door that says "Canadian Treasures." Approach the loading dock area to the right of that entrance. Notice the vine-covered concrete retaining wall. Near the firehose hook-ups there is small slope for you to scramble up (quickly, 'cause a lot of people are watching). If you look down to your left, in the corner next to the retaining wall, under the bushes you will find Flirty Moody. Congratulations on finding, we believe, the first letterbox placed on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls! You know the rest--stamp in and replace carefully without drawing to much attention to yourself.

Enjoy the rest of your stay at Niagara Falls and consider taking a 20 minute trip up the QEW to the St. Catherines's area to find another letterbox (not ours) at Ball's Falls.

Please email us if you find Flirty Moody and let us know how he is doing. If you are ever in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, be sure to look for the other adventures of Mr. Moody.

Happy Boxing,
The Foster-4-Pack