small city  LbNA # 2358 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 5 2003
LocationCentral Falls, RI
Found By team 3 point turn
Last Found May 9 2004
Hike Distance?

Hiking: drive-by
Clues: easy
Planted by: Curious Crane and Latte Man 01/05/03


*This is a microbox. Please bring your own ink pad, pen, and something for wiping the stamp dry after you use it. You'll be looking for a black film canister with only the stamp and a paper journal inside.

The smallest city in the smallest state has a total land area of only 1.21 square miles. It is a densely populated, culturally diverse city with several large factories, some of which are still in operation.

Location and Parking:

The letterbox is hidden in Jenks Park, which is surrounded by Broad Street to the east, Summit Street to the south, Washington Street to the west, and King and Fales Streets to the north. The only entrances to this small park are on Broad Street and Washington Street.

There is a fair amount of parking available on the streets near the park most of the time, but watch the signs carefully to stay legal.

*Please visit this park during full daylight hours only because heavy partying takes place here after dark.


Find the ramp and stairs to the clock tower. From this peculiar structure (not the only odd one in the park), you can see for miles in many directions on a clear day- check it out.

20 paces up the ramp, just uphill from a group of tall cedar trees, look for an oak tree growing into the ledge. The tree has an "eye" in its exposed roots. To the left of this is the small crevice that hides the small letterbox with the small stamp in the smallest city in the smallest state.