Wesselman Woods  LbNA # 23497 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 5 2006
LocationEvansville, IN
Found By MooMooCats
Last Found Jul 23 2011
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Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve is a 240-acre nature preserve located in Evansville, Indiana. It is a National Natural Landmark and a State Nature Preserve owned by the City of Evansville and operated by the non-profit Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve Society.

The preserve consists of over 190 acres of virgin bottomland hardwood forest complemented by an additional 50 acres of younger forest, field, and pond. The woods consist of Sweetgum, Sugar Maple, Tulip, Shumard Oak, and Green Ash. It is the largest tract of virgin forest located inside any city limits in the United States. The oldest trees are over 400 years old.


Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve is located at 551 N. Boeke Rd. in the heart of Evansville. Once in Evansville you can reach the Preserve easily via SR66/Lloyd Expressway. From either the east or west take the Boeke Rd. exit off the Lloyd Expressway. Head north on Boeke Rd. for approximately half a mile. Turn right into Wesselman Park. Follow the park road as it veers right and continue until you see the Nature Preserve entrance sign. Handicap and regular parking is available in two lots adjacent to the Nature Center building.

Trails are accessed through the Nature Center. Once you emerge from the Nature Center, follow the signs to the Main/Tulip Ridge trails. (When in doubt, stay on the Main Trail.) Shortly after the trail becomes a boardwalk, you will see the sign for Tulip Ridge trail on your right.

Standing at the intersection of the two trails, look down the path of Tulip Ridge Trail and you will see a large double tulip tree on your left. When you get to the double tree, continue walking about 17 paces until you come to a huge tree on your right. Stop and face the tree. Over its shoulder about 6 paces out is another decent size tree that holds the prize you are searching for.