Lucky Lenard Loves Lacrosse  LbNA # 23457 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 1 2006
LocationBeaverton, OR
Found By stratus
Last Found Sep 5 2006
Hike Distance?

Lucky Lenard lost his favorite sport equipment– he’s swimming along Fanno Creek Trail to find it. Can you help him?

To find the trailhead, take Scholls-Ferry Road to Conestoga Rd. Take a right on Welch and curve around onto Settler. Drive a few hundered feet until you see the Greenway Park sign on your right. This is your start point.

First you need to find Lenard: Follow the paved path and turn North. You will enter a shady grove of trees where owls reside. In the middle of this grove look for a well-traveled dirt trail to the right, flanked by two stately columns. Follow this trail toward Fanno Creek. You will come upon a clearing with a Y fork in it. From the fork take 17 paces to the right. At the base of a family of 7 you will find Lenard.

Return to the paved path. Continue North along the path (going toward a clearing). Walk along, passing a playground. After you cross over a small creek bed, you will approach a fork in the path (If you arrive at the Train Playground, you’ve gone too far.). Go 50 places on the fork to the right. Look for a large tree to the right, sunken down in a hole. Behind this tree you will find the Equipment.


What luck! You’ve found his lost equipment! Now go find a lucky charm as your reward:
Return to the paved path but head South this time back to towards the trailhead where you started. Continue south this time. As you approach the basketball courts take a left on the path. Follow the loop around– as you pass “I heart Brian” (Recently painted over in black, but keep your eyes down and you can't miss it) look for the last tree on the left. Behind this tree you will find Lenard’s Lucky Charm.