Morris Murder Mystery  LbNA # 23428 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerVBSP Bluegills    
Placed DateJul 3 2006
CountyVan Buren
LocationDecatur, MI
Found By Up, up, and away
Last Found Nov 16 2008
Hike Distance?

6/1/12 The previous owner, a Geocasher, has moved the box again, will try to update the clue this summer some time. We may consider just retiring or putting a brand new box in this location as well. This is the second time the location has changed since we "adopted" this box.

To get to the area for this box, it's easiest to start in Decatur. Head out of Decatur on Old Swamp road, keep following it straight to where there's an intersection. You have 2 options here. Go Left or straight. Go left and follow Valley Road to where it turns into 92nd Ave. Keep following that road until you see the dirt road marked 34th ST on your right. Turn there and follow it until you see the cemetery on the left. If you go straight keep following the road around the corner and take the first left turn. You are right on the County line for Cass, VanBuren. Keep following this road until you see 34th ST on your left. Turn there and follow it, the cemetery is in the woods on the right. I'm not too good with driving directions so I hope this is enough.

Update 7/16/06: I visited the box today and saw notes of trouble with driving directions, I will write out better directions in a week when I return from vacation, thanks for visiting!

Once at the cemetery, you will see a place to park across the street. Get out of your vehicle. The gates are locked most of the time, but if you look to your right you will see a path around. Follow the path along the fenceline to the end of the fence. Look to your left. In the middle of the cemetery is 2 trees. Under them is a double-pillar monument. Go over to it. Read the front and back for a little history. After reading the front and back, from the stone you just read look to the back of the cemetery, start walking to the back of the cemetery. As you pass the last row of stones, notice the stone with the top broken off. Once you are past them, turn around and look to your left. Not a clue, but the missing piece of the stone. Continue you path to the back of the cemetery. At the back you will come across a pile of small branches. This is not your goal, follow the edge of the grass to the right. You will see pieces of a large tree that must have once stood here. Look for where the logs for a misshapen triangle. Here you will find the Morris Murder Mystery Letterbox. After signing and stamping feel free to explore more of the cemetery before you leave the same way you came in. Who killed the Morris'? Their murder is unsolved to this day.