North Head Lighthouse  LbNA # 23376 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 14 2006
LocationLong Beach, WA
Found By spunkyturtle
Last Found Jul 29 2012
Hike Distance?

Park in the Parking lot of the North Head Lighthouse near Long Beach, Washington.

Note: Tours of the lighthouse are available for people seven or older for only $1 from 11am-3pm. (It is pretty cool!)

Head down the main trail (North Head Lighthouse trail - 0.25 miles).
Find the chains and veer to the left.
If you can find the caretakers house on your right and you can hear the roar of the ocean on your left you are doing great.
Find stairs on the right but stay on the main path.
Pass a big concrete mossy block.
Do you see a spectacular view of the ocean framed by the trees?
Pass the concrete bench. Rest if you must.
As you emerge from the forest you should be able to spot two jetties on the left, unless of course it is foggy.
Find another set of steps on the right but stay on the gravel path.
Next find the light house. (This should be easy)
Pass the second concrete bench.
Follow the chain link fence.
There is an excellent photo opportunity at the third post in the chain link fence. (Donít miss it. Also remember it. You may see it later.)
Find the survey marker on the right, but stay on the gravel path.
Circle the lighthouse. This would be a good time for the tour.
Head East and find The Light Keepers Trail.
Start at the beginning of the skinny concrete path and go 50 pavers. Notice the windblown trees. Pretty Cool!
80 more pavers and you should see stairs ahead. If you donít you need glasses or you are lost.
Go up nineteen steps and forward 27 pavers.
Here you should find a family of trees on your left, a Daddy tree, a Mommy tree and a Baby tree.
You will find the box behind the Daddy tree under some sticks.

Email us and let us know if you like the box.