Edible Forest - Huckleberry  LbNA # 23319

Placed DateJun 28 2006
LocationGovernment Camp, OR
Planted ByLogos    
Found By granitkid
Last Found Aug 20 2006
Hike Distance?

We placed this box at Mirror Lake - a fairly easy hike in the shadow of Mt. Hood (even 4-year-old Tractor Boy made it) to a lovely, shallow subalpine lake. The trail and vegetation are spectacular, almost parklike, lush with wild rhododendron, bear grass, giant paintbrush, bunchberry, huge cedars and pines, and of course, plenty of huckleberries. Honestly, we couldn't believe there was no box up here yet! In fact, we may add more eventually.

To get to the trailhead from the Portland area, take Highway 26 east towards Mt. Hood. Between mile markers 51 and 52, watch for a parking area on the south side of the highway (usually well-populated). Park and cross the footbridge, and follow the trail about a mile to a junction. Take the right fork ("Tom, Dick, & Harry Mountain" on the sign).

When you see the second staircase, climb it to a wide, primitive campsite. Look for a faint path at 280° and follow it to a smaller campsite. Stand at the fireplace grate and look back the way you came. At 15° you'll see the huckleberry plant the box is hidden under. Part the tall grasses (possibly "pseudoroegneria spicata") to find the box. The grasses are the only camouflage, so please take great care to re-hide well.

After you've found the box, continue along the main path in the direction you were going. It circumnavigates the lake, so you loop around it before heading back down the mountain.

My only note of caution is that is you have a snake phobia like I do, be prepared to have someone else walk in front of you to scare away the garter snakes before you inadvertently do it yourself! (SHUDDDDDERRR!) We saw two.