Radicals and Rebels  LbNA # 23197

OwnerMother Duck    
Placed DateJun 15 2006
Location???, DE
Found By ???
Last Found Aug 11 2010
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Residents of the Philadelphia area are quite well-acquainted with the town’s founder, William Penn, and his arrival point in his colony, now called Penn’s Landing. But, Penn’s Landing was not the founder’s first stop in the New World. He was first greeted in a Dutch town that had been in existence for some time.

Almost a hundred years later, this same town had been absorbed by Pennsylvania. The former Dutch colony made history in a very radical political move, now largely forgotten, even where it happened. On June 15, 1776, two weeks before the Declaration of Independence, the colony declared that it was going to rule itself, independent of Europe AND Pennsylvania.

Find the town where Penn first landed. Find the statue dedicated to his arrival.

On Mr. Penn’s left, there is a church. On one side there is a Revolutionary Era grave yard. On the other, a serpentine path winds its way through a garden. The path splits. Each split will take you to the same street and across the street a matching alley – one paved with gravel and one paved with grass. Either one will take you where you want to go. Follow them to the field and from the field to the highway that brought Penn to this new world. Spot two arching poles attached to an iron wall. Follow the wall inland to its corner. Sit on the corner and take a break. The box is under your seat.

Be smart. The box is in plain view.