Salute to Homer  LbNA # 22944 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 29 2006
LocationTrumansburg, NY
Planted ByThe Chilis    
Found By T-N-T
Last Found Sep 2 2009
Hike Distance?

At the southeast edge of Trumansburg, turn north on Cemetery Road. From the Pink arch, walk east and keep your eyes peeled for a woman weary with grief. Turn to the north, and keeping the disconsolate woman on your left, proceed past the stone snag decorated with ferns and cattails. At the middle of the first X in the road, head north towards the obelisk in the bush. Now you can see the cannon. Head for it, then for the edge of the woods, as if aimed by the cannon. Turn left and walk 41 paces to a medium size, multi trunked tree. Horray - you found it! After stamping and re-hiding, turn and give our grandpa Homer a salute. His bones lie 50 paces south of the letterbox, or 27 paces west of the business end of the cannon. Also, check out the Grass Roots Garden box nearby.