Twenty Questions  LbNA # 22779

Placed DateJun 4 2006
Location???, MY
Found By ???
Last Found Jul 29 2016
Hike Distance?

The box is five feet from the end of a stone wall under three relatively flat rocks.

Clues to the Twenty Questions Letterbox:

Question 1: Is it East of 87 degrees West (This is a longitude line just East of Chicago)?
Answer 1: Yes.

Question 2: Is it South of the Mason Dixon Line (Pennsylvania - Maryland border)?
Answer 2: No.

Question 3: Is the box located in New England (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut)?
Answer 3: Yes.

Question 4: Is the letterbox located in Southern New England (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut)?
Answer 4: Yes.

Question 5: Does the state where the box is located share a border with New York?
Answer 5: Yes.

Question 6: Is it on the Appalachian trail?
Answer 6: No.

Question 7: Is the box in Massachusetts?
Answer 7: Yes.

Question 8: Is the box planted in one of the following counties: Berkshire, Dukes, Franklin, Hampden, Hampshire, Nantucket, Suffolk or Norfolk?
Answer 8: No.

Question 9: Is it located within Essex, Middlesex or Worcester Counties?
Answer 9: Yes.

Question 10: Is the box in Worcester County?
Answer 10: No.

Question 11: Is it located in either Boxborough, Gloucester, a city or town that forms the border between Middlesex and Essex Counties, or a city or town that borders New Hampshire?
Answer 11: No.

Question 12: Is the box located in either a city or town that begins with the letter A-L?
Answer 12: No.

Question 13: Is the box located in a town or city that starts with the letter M, T, or W?
Answer 13: No.

Question 14: Is the box located in Essex county, or in Stow, Stoneham or Somerville?
Answer 14: No.

Question 15: Is the box located within a city or town beginning with the letter "S"?
Answer 15: Yes.

Question 16: Is the letterbox located in Sudbury?
Answer 16: No.

Question 17: Is the box in or on the perimeter of a cemetery?
Answer 17: No.

Question 18: Is the box located in Shirley?
Answer 18: No.

Question 19: Is the box located within the property of the Rocky Narrows reservation?
Answer 19: Yes.

Question 20: A railroad track bisects this property in a northwest to southeast direction, which you are not supposed to cross. The northeast area contains the red trail and the southwest area contains the white trail. Is the box located in the red trail area (meaning the entire area of rocky narrows entering from the Forest Street entrance)?
Answer 20: Yes.

That's it. Thanks for playing everybody. Seems like you all had as much fun as I did.

As promised I am now disappearing into the ether. No more clues will be provided and I will not be responding to any requests for more information. I have, however, had so much fun perhaps I will return again for another game someday.

The Ephemeral Letterboxer


What's this all about? Well, as background on 6/5/2006 the following was posted to this box's clues and also to the letterbox-usa Yahoo mailing list:

A new mystery letterbox called Twenty Questions has been placed under two relatively flat rocks somewhere in the United States. Although it is initially classified as a mystery box, as time goes on its location is most likely to become less of a mystery. Here's why:

Every day or so for the next twenty days I will answer exactly one YES or NO question regarding the location of the box. As the questions are asked and answered, over time the location of the box will become clearer. If they answers are not too helpful, then the location will remain shrouded in mystery.

Where will the questions come from you ask? Well, from any of you. Each day you may submit one question to me (The Ephemeral Letterboxer) via Contact the Placer on LbNA or by sending me an e-mail using the letterbox-usa "Send Email" feature. Please do not send your questions out to the entire letterbox-usa list. Out of all of the questions submitted each day I will choose one question to answer using an undisclosed, pre-determined method and discard the rest. I will post the answer to this question on the letterbox-usa Yahoo mailing list and also update the LbNA description for the box so that it contains a list of the answered questions.

Clearly, the quality of the questions chosen will determine the quality of the clues to the box - so ask carefully.

There is only one restriction on the questions: I must be able to answer them YES or NO. Any questions that cannot be answered YES or NO by me will be discarded.

After the twenty questions are answered no more clues to the location of the box will be provided. No attempts to contact the placer will be responded to. I (The Ephemeral Letterboxer) will disappear back into the ether, perhaps never to return.

Day 1 is now open for questions. Fire away. You have roughly 24 hours to send your initial questions as described above.


The Ephemeral Letterboxer


Last checked: 5/4/2014